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「私は若い選手たちとゲームを共有することに情熱を傾けます。それは、WPS(Women's Professional Soccer)、日本、NWSLでのプロキャリアを通じて学んだこと、キャリアを通じて吸収したすべてを若い選手たちに与えることです。コパでの新しい環境では、ゲームへの情熱と(女子サッカーへの)恩返しを両立することができます」


I fell in love with the game at 5 years old. I attended the WC in 99 and my sights were set on becoming a women’s pro soccer player. I committed my life to accomplishing that goal. I made life decisions based on how it would effect the player I wanted to become. I was driven. Driven by a love and passion for the game. When I played my whole world stopped and I just smiled. To be a part of the @nwsl and play for the @reignfc for the past 6 seasons has been such a joy. As soon as I arrived to the club I knew that’s where I wanted to be for the rest of my career- to be able to do just that is an absolute honor. The club works so hard to create a positive and competitive environment for players to thrive in. My parents always taught me that although being a great soccer player was cool it was more important to be a good person. I did my best to live by this my entire career. I told myself when the time comes to hang up the boots up, I want those around me to say that I was one of the best teammates they’ve ever had. Most wont remember when you play well but they will remember you being there for them when needed the most. Playing in such a competitive environment naturally brings a lot of emotion. Never underestimate the impact of being a good teammate for the greater good of the team. Seeing the women’s game grow has been nothing short of amazing. So much respect for all women in sport and all those women competing everyday to be the best versions of themselves, while fighting for more visibility, equal pay, and so much more. The world needs to see more females competing at the highest level. They’re out there and they’ve dedicated their entire lives to being great. So thank you-thank you to every coach, every teammate, every fan, every hater, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have learned from those around me, I have cried and I have celebrated with teammates I will call friends for the rest of my life. Soccer gave me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some of the most inspiring people. To my parents I love you. I can only hope one day to be parents like you, ones that listen to their children, loves them unconditionally and....

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